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Whether I work with you individually, or you are interested in organising coaching for a an employee or a client, I follow the same process.

First, I like to have a chat with the person I am coaching to find out more about their needs and to tell them a bit more about me and how I work. I call this a ‘chemistry’ session. It is complimentary and the purpose of this session is for you to find out the answers to your questions and for me to find out a little bit more about you. At the end of this session we will decide whether we would like to move on to the next step.

The next step is to start to agree a coaching programme for you. If this is private coaching we will set up our first session and start to agree our ‘coaching contract’ or in other words what you would like to be different as a result of undertaking the coaching. These will form our coaching goals and will provide a framework or signpost for what we will be working on and towards. If I am working for an organisation I would also at this point talk to your manager or HR to find out what they think your goals should be. We would then all get together to agree your coaching contract. I will discuss this with you at our complimentary chat.

We will then work together for a number of coaching sessions. Before a session, I like to give some pre-work to get you thinking ahead of the session, this could be reading, personal inventories/psychometrics or getting you to have a think about some questions related to your goals. This is an important part of the coaching along with any goals and homework you set yourself after each session.

At the start of each follow on session we will discuss how you are getting on with your actions and at the end of each session I will ask for feedback about how the session was for you. At the end of our coaching programme, I will ask you for some further feedback about how the coaching has helped you achieve or start to move you towards your goals. We will also end the sessions with you having a plan as to how to keep on keeping on!

My private coaching rate is £90 per hour and I coach face to face within Central London, North Essex and South Suffolk. My telephone/zoom coaching rate is £75 per hour and I also offer telephone coaching packages that include specialised psychometric reports- please see here


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